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Are you registered to vote?   If not please vist this link and get registered today.   In the March 13,2012 primary election 18,467 Tempe registered voters participated in the election.   The general election is May 15,2012 and there are two candidates for Mayor and two for the remaining City Council seat.   Thank You for participating in our very unscientific straw poll.



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  1. Joseph B. Mann says:

    Tempe is the greatest

  2. Ron Pies says:

    In the period of candidate endorsements, I want to take a different approach.   Having been involved in city government for over forty years, I know that non partisan part time elected officials are the most productive.  They care about serving the community and not catering to their political party as we see every day at the Arizona State Capitol and in Washington.  Tempe city elections are non-partisan, even though we usually know which political party the candidates belong.

    People who know me have a good idea who I prefer.  However, until I fill out the ballot, no one will know who I actually want to elect.

    So, what am I watching from the candidates?  I want positives, vision and no criticism of the opponents.  There are real issues and they need the attention of the Mayor and City Council.  Also, even though I have endorsed a candidate, I would suggest that you ignore the long lists that the candidates are producing.   Watch out for gimmicks and endorseents from a prominent Democrat or Republican.  Use your own intelligence, study the issues, question the candidates and VOTE.

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