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Our goal when creating f7e.cf7.myftpupload.com was to create an online forum to inform, discuss and distribute information about all things Tempe.   This is not an easy task and we new from the beginning that it would simply not be possible without the help of contributors from throughout the community.   Our readers cannot thank you enough for becoming an author and posting on a regular basis.   What we are trying to do here is new and therefore you will notice that the look and feel of the site is continuously changing.   We welcome your input and suggestions along these lines and realize that social media is changing at an ever faster rate.

Tempe Event Calendar

Perhaps the suggestion we hear the most often is that we need to incorporate a Tempe Community Event Calendar that is complete as possible and at the same time avoid information overload.  Not an easy task, however we think we are making some progress on this front and with your help believe we can create a go to source for every event in Tempe. Whether it’s a Gammage production, club meeting, fund raiser, awards ceremony, school function or any other public event that should be on the calendar.  As you may know the Master Event Calendar is to the right of the screen and will show every posted event.   This can get confusing when we know that the average user is interested in a particular type of event.   We have therefore changed the drop down list under “Tempe Events” to show only events posted within that “event category list.”    Example:  “tempe events” – “Childsplay” would only show events posted to the “Childsplay events category”.

IMPORTANT:  Posting events is different than regular post.   You must post the event under “events” for it to show up on the calendar and you most chose the “event category” for it to show up on the appropriate drop down event menu.

There is nothing wrong in creating a post regarding some upcoming events but if you want the event on the calendar as well please remember to also create a post under “events” for each individual event.   There you will also be given the opportunity to list the venue, cost (if any) of the event, dates, times and organizer.   If when posting an event you do not find an appropriate “event category” please let us know and it will be added.

Author Information:

Author Credentials:  If you would like to become a Tempe Thoughts registered author please send us an email at editor@f7e.cf7.myftpupload.com

Log In:  At the very bottom right hand corner of every screen there is a “Log In” link.

User Profile Screen:  Here you can change your password, update your “avatar” (the image that will show next to the authors name on every post) and write about yourself or your organization.   This write up will show below posts to give readers and idea as to what you or your group is about.

Avatar:   The avatar is the small image that appears next to your name when posting to social media sites.   It can be a picture, logo or any other graphic that you would like to represent you.   Avatar’s are tied to email addresses.   Programs such as https://en.gravatar.com/  make it very easy to upload your own custom avatar that will represent you wherever you post.

Posting Articles, Helpful Points:

Categories:  When posting please choose the categorie(s) that are most appropriate to your organization.   At times we will edit the post to have it show on the home screen as well.

Images:  You’re welcome to insert photos in your post and we encourage you to do so.  Simply locate the curser where you would like to insert the image and then use the “insert media” icon above.

Featured Image:  At the bottom right of each post there is a “featured image” option.  This is the image that will show next to the post title.   You can either upload an image or chose one from the media gallery where all past images are stored.

Comments to Post:   All reader comments are reviewed before they are posted.   The simple rule is that we allow all opinions as long as they are not attack the author personally.

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