Insight Bowl fans at Hayden Butte

Crowds of people climbed Hayden Butte, or to the locals “A” Mountain, during the warm, relaxing weather on Thursday afternoon.

I wondered why the sudden increase of hikers, considering I saw less than five people at the Butte the day before.

Maybe it was the warm weather. I was back to wearing shorts, again. It’s been chilly lately!

I was with two friends and we each had our dogs- one was a cute husky puppy.

In the background: Tempe Mission Palms from Hayden Butte

So just as the dogs like to do, we smiled and greeted everyone that we passed.

Everyone seemed friendly and talkative. It seemed different. And nice.

I then concluded that most hikers, today, were probably from out-of-town. It’s still the holiday season and winter break for ASU, so I’m going to guess that they’re mostly visitors.

I looked around and realized that people were in large groups adorned in either red and grey or black and gold. Some had a few kids, water bottles and workout clothes, and were hiking on and off the trails, pretty much all over the mountain.

I loved the energy surrounding us. We lingered around for a while and enjoyed the beauty of our city.

I think we may have been some of the few Sun Devils’ fans on the mountain.

So it’s official. The fans of the Insight Bowl are arriving in town.

It’s also New Year’s Eve. It should be an exciting weekend in Tempe.

I could hear an announcer echoing throughout Sun Devil Stadium, possibly in preparation for the Insight Bowl.

Parachuters carrying the American flag

I also saw blue and white nylon parachutes eject from a plane and glide through the air, sporting American flags and then landing inside the stadium.

It was really cool to see.

I love that fact that I didn’t even have to travel anywhere else to see it. It all happened in my favorite city, Tempe.

What: The Insight Bowl

Who: Oklahoma State Sooners vs. Iowa Hawkeyes

When: Friday, Dec. 30 @ 8:00 p.m.

Where: Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe

Map to Sun Devil Stadium


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