Neighborhood Associations

Would you like to get the word out to your neighbors?    If so please please send us your post along with the name of your Association and we will create a neighborhood specific category for comments, updates, suggestions and much more.   (Please see drop down list of active associations under the previous “Neighborhood Association” menu).


Alameda-Campus (18B)
Alegre Community (5A)
Alta Mira (41)
Baseline-Hardy (24)
Bell De Mar Crossing (32A)
Brentwood-Cavalier (18A)
Broadmor (14)
Broadway Palms (17A)
Camelot Village (34)
Clark Park (11A)
Corona Del Sol (39)
Cyprus Southwest (20A)
Daley Park (12)
Date Palm Manor (14A)
Dava-Lakeshore (33)
Duskfire (37)
Duskfire II (40)
East Rio (1E)
Escalante (5)
Estate La Colina (36)
Evergreen (17)
Gililland (8)
Holdeman (8A)
Hudson Manor (9)
Hughes Acres (16B)
Jen Tilly Terrace (9a)
Kiwanis Park (29A)
Knoell Gardens (25)
Kyrene-Superstition (23)
Lindon Park (4)
Los Tesoros (39B)
MACH 8 (18)
Maple-Ash (7)
Marilyn Ann (11)
McClintock (15A)
McClintock Manor (20)
Meyer Park (16A)
Mission Ridge (39A)
Mitchell Park East (7A)
Mitchell Park West (7B)
North Tempe (NTNA) (1)
NTNA – Canal Park (1A)
NTNA – Cavalier Hills (1C)
NTNA – College (1B)
NTNA – Indian Bend (1D)
NTNA – West Rio (1F)
Optimist Park NE (26)
Optimist Park NW (27)
Optimist Park SE (28)
Optimist Park SW (29)
Pepperwood (30)

Pheasant Ridge (35A)
Raintree (37B)
Riverside Sunset (2 & 3)
Rural-Geneva (16)
Sandahl (35B)
Scudder Park West (29B)
Shalimar (15)
Sunburst Farms (35)
Superstition (21)
Tally Ho Farms (40A)
Tally Ho Farms North (37A)
Tempe Gardens (22)
Tempe Royal Estates (32)
University Estates (13)
University Heights (6)
University Park (10)
Warner Estates (38)
Wood Park (31)

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