Question to candidates regarding proposed Streetcar

To Mayoral and City Council Candidates
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Tempe has a myriad issues and obstacles to overcome given the economy and everything else going on. My question to you is how you feel about the viability of the “Modern Streetcar”? I do not know of a more worthless project in the current environment — or any environment, for that matter — and I will support any candidate that has a meaningful opposition strategy. Your thoughts?

Cassie Wertzberger

Mayor & Council candidate question regarding opting out of the Elected Officials Retirement Plan

To the mayoral and city council candiates-If you’re elected to the city council would you be willing to opt out of the Elected Officials Retirement Plan thus saving Tempe taxpayers 29% of your council salary?

The total amount Tempe puts into retirement benefits for part-time city council members is 40.64% when you count retirement, Social Security and Medicare. This doesn’t include the city employee medical benefits given to the mayor and council. The 29% number used up above is the statewide average for elected official contributions

Bill Richardson

Follow up Question:  How about opting out of the salary or at least taking a decreased amount? Say 10 or 20%? Also, maybe forgoing the auto allowance?

Joe Agins

What would you like to ask the candidates for Tempe Mayor & City Council?

It’s your turn to ask the Candidates for Tempe Mayor and City Council a question.  Whether it’s about neighborhoods, transportation,  city services, downtown Mill Avenue or any other Tempe topic we want your candidate question.   Simply send an email to with your question.  If you would like your name included with the question please give us that as well, otherwise we post it as anonymous.  Thank You for helping the voters of Tempe learn more about the candidates running for office and their positions.

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Temporary Sales Tax sunset question to the candidates

“If elected, you will serve on the city council when the temporary transaction privilege (sales) tax ends in 2014. How do you propose the City of Tempe address the revenue reduction that will occur when the tax ends?”

Eric Emmert


Mill Avenue homeless question to the candidates for Tempe Mayor & City Council

“Because the let’s every homeless criminal lay on mill ave and do drugs and steal from the patios of the restaurants and beg for money that’s why Tempe is going to disappear and ASU that was once the fun school will vanish!!!!  What is your proposed solution?”

Von Meyer
Blondies Sports Bar – Owner

Convention Center question to the candidates for Tempe Mayor & City Council

“Why can’t the city of Tempe seem to get a  convention center. Yes they’re expensive to build & maintain.  However, if we’re ever going to be known as a destination/meeting or convention city, we must have a place large enough to accommodate larger groups.

As it stands now, only the larger hotels with abundant meeting space absorb all that business.  

If we had a convention center, we could book larger groups, thus filling more hotel rooms, renting more cars, serving more food and buying more retail.  Not to mention the ancillary week end business such as car shows, garden, boat, and RV shows

Meeting space is landlocked just as the city is landlocked.”

Pat Thielen- Warren General Manager TwinPalms Hotel

Public restrooms in downtown Tempe?

“For literally decades, there has been a strong call for permanent public restrooms in downtown Tempe. Why can’t citizens and visitors to downtown have basic facilities when nature calls? Other cities can do it. What would you do to get that accomplished?”

Lawn Griffiths