Dick Foreman discusses Tempe transportation

In the following short video, I discuss plans for public transportation in Tempe, including the voter-approved streetcar.

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Dick Foreman on the economy

In the following short video, I discuss the importance of a strong economy to Tempe.  By supporting local businesses and companies through our city procurement process, we can keep tax dollars in Tempe.  Creating jobs and improving the economic climate are critical to the continued success of our city.

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Why I Support Dick Foreman / By: Tom Sands

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dick Foreman since the early 1980’s when he and I worked together at SRP.  Our paths also crossed often at Tempe’s Fuller Elementary School where we had children attending.

I’ve always admired Dick’s professional demeanor, his listening and reasoning abilities, and his willingness to look for win-win solutions.  He’s known as a community leader who resolves issues through consensus building.

Dick has served our community well through his serving on the Tempe Union High School District school board and several other civic organizations.  He has also been a newspaper columnist on various Tempe issues.

Please consider Dick when you vote on May 15th.  He will be a great City Council member.


Tom Sands

Dick Foreman calls for civility in Tempe political races

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Dick discusses the importance of positive debate for the future of Tempe and our residents.

Foreman is the Obvious Choice for Tempe City Council / By Sandy Lowe

Throughout his campaign, Dick Foreman has stayed true to the issues, which is why he is the best candidate for Tempe City Council.  I am disappointed to see his opponent turn negative in the eleventh hour of this campaign.   If Granville cannot convince voters he is the right person based on his strengths, he would be even more worrisome as aTempeleader.

I’m voting for Dick Foreman (http://foremanfortempe.com/).  He always treats everyone with respect and honesty, and has the life experience and critical thinkingTemperesidents need to guide our future.  Stay with someone you can trust to do the best job for all of us inTempe.  I urge all voters to elect Dick Foreman to City Council.

Sandy Lowe


Dick Foreman updates readers on campaign activities

Dear TempeThoughts readers!

Dick Foreman

Just a quick note to share some more good news from the Foreman For Tempe campaing. The major endorsements
keep rolling in which now include The Arizona Republic (see link below).

While campaigns are not won nor lost with endorsements, any candidate
will tell you, they would much rather be endorsed than not! Campaigns
are actually won in our neighborhoods where many Tempeans still
experience the lingering effects of a horrific and long economic
recession and now the lingering malaise of an all too slow recovery.
It’s that voter I want to reach because I am not in this race to defeat
any particular candidate, I am in this race to represent that Tempe
citizen who has been so harmed in these troubled times and is ready for
a steady hand in City Hall who does not flinch, waver or blink when
times get tough and tough decisions must be made to keep our city on a
sustainable path.

I know that I am the candidate who “gets it,” that the taxpayer has been
beaten up enough, that our small businesses and homeowners need someone
on their side, not the side of creating more and more spending or
bureaucracy when what we need is sustainable, steady budget management.

Yes, I am in the “investor” mood when it comes to supporting our
neighborhoods, parks and facilities, but only where that investment is
sustained into the future. No more “gotchas” when it comes to taxes. I
join in the frustration of many as we see graffiti, vandalism, trashed
landscaping and filthy alleys un-resolved or ignored for far too long.

I have done enough research and lived here long enough to know that it’s
long past time we recognized where the threats are as well and started
making tough and necessary decisions on how we are going to deal more
effectively with the drug trade and those criminal activities that prey
on our children, our schools and our homes. I literally despise the
drug trade and I will not play any favorites or any politics in my
determination to lead on this front. Law enforcement will have a friend
in me so long as our focus goes into a laser-like mode to take out the
importation and distribution of drugs, not just the sale of drugs
already here.

So now it’s all about getting the word out, making sure voters know who
you are and what you stand for. The best part about major endorsements
such as The Arizona Republic is that they are from a third party and
they validate from other perspectives. Having now gained endorsements
from workers, businesses, the press and hundreds of Tempe citizens who
have signed on, I can assure that we approach election day and go
through this early voting period with momentum and confidence, but NOT

That’s just where we should be if the Foreman For Tempe campaign is to
be successful.

I so appreciate all the good wishes and support that many of you have taken the time to share. I thank you for all
you do, I thank you for your input and win or lose, I am thankful to
live in Tempe with my family and friends, whose vote I get every day.



Derek and Elizabeth Hatch support Dick Foreman for Tempe City Council

We are writing this letter in support of Dick Foreman for Tempe City Council.  Dick has been a tireless advocate for this community for over 30 years.  He has dedicated ten years of service on the Tempe Union High School District Governing Board doing all that he could to ensure that Tempe students get the education they deserve. Dick has given his time and talent to this community as a volunteer and as an advocate. Tempe needs dedicated hard working people to help shepherd it through these hard times.  We need people who will be innovative and who will listen, that is why we are voting for Dick Foreman and we encourage you to do the same.

Derek and Elizabeth Hatch
Tempe residents

Dick Foreman

Jim Gainter supports Dick Foreman for Tempe City Council

I have known Dick Foreman for 20 years and am continually impressed with his commitment to our community.  He has long been involved in a variety of community endeavors, which allows him to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this political arena.  Dick is the type of person who carefully considers all sides of an issue before making up his mind and taking a stance, but once he’s done that he is committed to and will work tirelessly towards seeing a positive outcome for our community.  And I can say that his heart is always in the right place – that of being for the good of the community and not himself.  The citizens of Tempe will be doing themselves a great favor to elect Dick to the City Council.

Jim Gainter

Eric Emmert supports Dick Foreman for Tempe City Council


Tempe is emerging from one of the most challenging economic times in its history. City revenues are on the rebound. Housing sales are beginning to increase. Developers are once again considering our community for investments. However, Tempe stands at a crossroads. It can look to a bright future of job growth and unmatched quality of life or rest on its laurels as its neighbors embrace progress.

At this turning point, Tempe residents should take a moment to consider the caliber and background of the city council candidates.

One of the outstanding individuals running for city council is Dick Foreman. Dick has been a prominent figure in Tempe for most of his life. His work in the Tempe education, non-profit and business communities is well documented. Dick’s extensive and impressive resume reads like a play-by-play of Tempe’s notable successes.

Dick has a personality that includes the attributes necessary for public service. In addition to being extremely approachable and personable, he has an unassuming wit and gentle command of complex policy issues.  Tempe would benefit from his unique ability to pull together opposing viewpoints and extract the consensus needed to move forward. His intellect and business acumen is exactly what Tempe needs at this point in the life of our community. In short, Dick Foreman is a true Tempe leader.

For these reasons and many more too numerous to list, I emphatically support Dick Foreman for Tempe City Council. I hope you’ll join me in supporting his candidacy.

Eric Emmert

Dick Foreman is my #1 choice for Tempe City Council.

I have known Dick for over seven years, as a member of several community committees he facilitated, and today, as a friend.   As a leader, his priority is to get the job done in the most efficient and effective manner possible.   Without exception, he treats everyone with respect, encourages participation by all and leads toward consensus.

Do you want a person that isn’t a career politician, but rather someone who merely wants to serve this community for the better of all?

How about someone who always acts with integrity and honesty, who leads but doesn’t dominate with his agenda?

Is a council person that gives thoughtful consideration to all input before making a decision important?

If the answer is yes to these questions, then Dick Foreman (http://foremanfortempe.com/) is the best candidate for Tempe City Council!


Dick Foreman

Sandy Lowe