Tempe Community Market Grand Opening


Tempe Community Market Grand Opening event

The Tempe Community Market, a program of Tempe Community Action Agency (TCAA), will celebrate its recent debut with an official Grand Opening.

The market features:

–  30+ vendors ranging from locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables to local producers of honey, salsa and other food items.

–  A Community Exchange, welcoming produce from those with backyard, community, or market gardens.

–  A Book Exchange


Sunday, March 23

Market operates each Sunday from 8a to 1p. Grand opening activities will include:

–   10 am — Ribbon-cutting ceremony; City of Tempe officials & local dignitaries.

–   9 am to noon – Live music by “Randy Olsen & Friends.”

–    Children’s entertainment and activities.


620 N. Mill, next to the Marquee Theatre under the 202 bridge.

Market-goers can take light rail, exiting at Center Parkway and walk 20 yards east.


Hawaiian Culture at Tempe Beach Park

Island culture & cuisine take over Downtown Tempe for the Arizona Aloha Festival

Hawaiian and Polynesian culture come to Tempe in a two-day celebration. Festival attendees can enjoy cultural displays and demonstrations, and watch dancers and musicians perform on three different stages. Enjoy foods from the South Pacific, like laulau, kalua pork, island wings, and more.

Vendors will have authentic bone necklaces, flower leis, and other island products for sale, providing the perfect souvenir for friends and family. South Pacific Island dancers will come together during the opening ceremonies and open the event.

For families with children, a kids activity station is available, allowing your kids to enjoy making hands-on crafts that they can take home. Come join the celebration of the aloha spirit and have fun with the whole family.

WHAT:        Arizona Aloha Festival

WHERE:      Tempe Beach Park

WHEN:        Saturday, March 8 through Sunday, March 9, 10am-5pm


Click here for more information

College Avenue closed between University Drive and Fifth Street

College Avenue will be closed in both directions between University Drive and Fifth Street Feb. 17 to June 17 to allow for reconstruction of the road related to an ASU project.  Local access will be maintained between University Drive and Seventh Street AND between Fifth Street and Sixth Street. Bus routes will be detoured as follows.

62 Southbound: Regular route west on University Dr. to McAllister Ave.; northwest on Veterans Way to resume regular route at Tempe Transportation Center.

62 Northbound: Regular route to Tempe Transportation Center; southeast on 5th St./Veterans Way to University Dr.; east on University Dr. to resume regular route.

72 Northbound: Regular route west on University Dr. to McAllister Ave.; northwest on Veterans Way to resume regular route at Tempe Transportation Center.

72 Southbound: Regular route west on University Dr. to McAllister Ave.; northwest on Veterans Way to resume regular route at Tempe Transportation Center.

511 Northbound: Regular route west on University Dr. to McAllister Ave.; northwest on Veterans Way to resume regular route at Tempe Transportation Center.

511 Southbound: Regular route to Tempe Transportation Center; southeast on 5th St./Veterans Way to University Dr.; east on University Dr. to resume regular route.

Orbit Mars Northbound – Regular route north on McAllister Ave. to University Dr.; northwest on Veterans Way to resume regular route at Tempe Transportation Center.

Orbit Mars Southbound – Regular route to Tempe Transportation Center; southeast on 5th St./Veterans Way to University Dr.; continue south on McAllister Ave. to resume regular route.

Orbit Mercury Westbound – Regular route north on McAllister Ave. to University Dr.; northwest on Veterans Way to resume regular route at Tempe Transportation Center.

Orbit Venus Back – Regular route north on Mill Ave. to University Dr.; continue north on Mill Ave. to 5th St.; east on 5th St. to Tempe Transportation Center to resume regular route.

Orbit Venus Forward – Regular route to Tempe Transportation Center; west on 5th St. to Mill Ave.; south on Mill Ave. to resume regular route at University Dr.


Visit the link below to read this on the City of Tempe website.

College Ave Streetscape Public Access Flier[4]

Tempe Convention & Visitors Office President’s Message

It happens every year. When I see the triathletes jump into the water to begin their quest to be an Ironman, I am overwhelmed with anticipation, hope and pride. For ten years now, Tempe has been home to Ironman Arizona. For ten years, athletes have come from across the globe to compete in our hometown. This is where hard work pays off and dreams come true.


Running a tourism office is quite a bit like competing in a triathlon, but thankfully, without all of the workouts. It requires diligence, hard work and, of course, you have to stay ahead of the competition.


Just before we welcomed almost 3,000 Ironman athletes to Tempe Beach Park, we hosted 100 meeting planners who are looking for venues for their Super Bowl-related events. They represented the NFL, sportswear companies, transportation providers and large corporations that are planning meetings and events in the Phoenix area during the Super Bowl in 2015. We gave them a driving tour of Tempe, showed off the Tempe Center for the Arts and treated them to a delicious breakfast. Mayor Mark Mitchell spoke to them proudly about his hometown and explained our extensive experience in hosting large scale events.


I gave a brief presentation to these important planners as well, encouraging them to consider Tempe for their events. Of course, I told them about Tempe’s selling points – our proximity to the airport, our unique venues, our hotels and the energy and enthusiasm which comes from being a college town. I also stressed that the Tempe Tourism Office staff strives to make meeting planners look good. After my presentation, one of the planners told me that this point resonated with her the most. Our professional team can, and will, do whatever it takes to help make their event a success. I’m certain that some of these planners will trust us with their business.


I would like to give a special thanks to our partners who helped us create a positive impression of Tempe: the City of Tempe and Tempe Center for the Arts staff, Tempe City Council, our board of directors, Judi Yates and her event planning team from Schneider-Yates and Associates, ASU Dixie Devil Band, ASU Spirit Squad, Walt Richardson, Fabulous Foods, Atlasta Catering, Santa Barbara Catering, Arizona Catering, Pro EM Party & Event, Pacific Event Productions, Printing Specialists and Phil Gudenschwager Photography.


This is certainly a busy time of year for all of us. With holiday events, the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, the NEW New Year’s Eve celebration (more about that below), our enviable winter climate and our marketing efforts, there is going to be an influx of visitors in Tempe in the coming months. I’m so proud that our city continues to stand out from the competition.


I wish you a prosperous holiday season, filled with lots of business from out-of-town guests!


Stephanie Nowack




New Live Video Feed from Mill Avenue


See the new live video feed of Mill Ave. from our office.   Warning, this can be

addictive to watch.

Navigating the Development Process Just Got Easier



Attention businesses! The City of Tempe is making life a little easier for small

and medium sized business owners by offering assistance for navigating the development

process. Whether looking to open a new business or make renovations to an existing

one, owners can count on the new Tempe Business Project Coordinator to help explain

and monitor progress through the permitting system, and provide regular updates

on project status.


Small and medium sized businesses can utilize the business project coordinator as

they work through various permit applications, inspections, and various department

reviews including economic development, planning/ signs, and building safety. The

coordinator will be able to provide answers to businesses as well as insure that

applications and plans are submitted and processed by necessary deadlines.


For more information on this program contact Tempe Business Project Coordinator,

Dee Dee Kimbrell at 480-350-8081 or deedee_kimbrell@tempe.gov [mailto:deedee_kimbrell@tempe.gov].


Tempe resident frustrated over downtown Tempe towing policy

Hello there,

I would like to talk about an incident that happened to me recently. Last Thursday December 19, I went to drop off my mail to the post office on Mill & Fifth St. I live on Fifth, on the other side of Priest, and this is the nearest post office to my neighborhood.  Well, I got to the post office at 8:55PM to drop off my Christmas mail for my friends and  family overseas; as I was parking my car I noticed a red and white sign. I got close to it and read it in order to make sure this still was the post office’s parking lot, and also I made notice of the maximum  thirty minute parking policy.  Since I still needed stamps, I went in to get them from the post office, placed them them on the envelopes and dropped the stack of Christmas cards in the stamped box right outside in the corner. Right after this, I got enticed by Starbucks, i crossed the street and got a simple coffee to go. This took less than 3 minutes, as there were hardly any people there, and all it took was to pour some coffee into a to go cup.


After getting the coffee using the side door I went outside, and it was then that I did not see my car in the post office parking lot right across from it. I panicked and ran across.  To my surprise, I confirmed that my car was not there! I  looked at the time, and it was 9:15. Uncertain of what to do next, how to get my car back, I noticed the phone number posted on the sign (480) 988-0504 and called. The first call came out from my phone at 9:20PM. No one answered. According to the incoming calls that I am now confirming on my phone, I received a call back from another number (623) 302-4796, the guy on the other side asked me what kind of a vehicle I had, I said a highlander and I briefly explained to him what I just wrote here. He obviously did not want to deal with anything I had to say, and was very rude from the beginning. He gave me the address and said: “I can meet you there at midnight!” I explained to him that this was my only mode of transportation and that I needed my car to go to work and take my children to school. He said, “Is either midnight, or tomorrow.”  Then frustrated, but with no other choice, I assented and said “Okay I will meet you at midnight.”


I went home and around 9:41 I received another phone call from the same (623) area code number. The man said that he could meet me in 45 minutes. I called and asked my 18 year old son to take me. From our home in Tempe it was around a 12 mile drive to the Phoenix location to get my car from Monster Impound Recovery. My son and I got there around 10:05. This was a deserted and dark area. The main gate was open and a towing truck was blocking it. There two man waiting at the entrance. My son waited in the other car, and here I was, a woman by herself in a dark, not well-lit towing lot entrance with two unfriendly strangers. One of them asked me for the $155 payment, I tried to explain about me doing business at the post office, and that I had not been there not even 30 minutes. Neither one of them cared. I gave him my credit car and really felt very uneasy when he asked for my drivers license. I discovered that I hate revealing my address, especially to someone who I do not feel pleasant doing business with. Meanwhile he ran my credit card, I got my car and drove it behind the towing truck that was still blocking the entrance. Then, I got out and walked into the office where the man had gone. Although the sign read $140 impound + $15 day storage, noticed that my car had been there not even an hour, he charged my credit car. $155 fee. I felt helpless, frustrated, legally being robbed. I signed the receipt, and asked his name. He hesitated and it seemed that he made up a name and said Justin, then when I said Justin what?  He got really upset and started yelling at me, and threatening me to call Phoenix Police Department to have me thrown out of his private property.  While this was happening, the other man was standing by the door preventing my son from coming in.


Readers, I have decided to write on this blog out of frustration. These are my feelings. I am an educated woman with a doctoral degree, I am also a single parent of two. I have lived in Tempe for the past 25 years, and I trust the system. However, on Thursday December 19, I felt legally robbed. I was not attacked or mugged, but the system in place allowed for a company like Monster Impound & Recovery to legally still from my family. On top, I had to drive so far away and put up with the rudeness and unfriendliness of the people in charge at Monster. I cannot begin to describe how intimidating it felt to be a woman, by myself in such dark and deserted lot. In my opinion, this is one of the main things for the members of the Tempe City Council to consider when revising what’s already in place.


“Postal Service

Reserved Parking

US Postal Service

Thirsty Dog

Sparky’s Creamery

30 minute parking only

Violators will be towed at

owners expense

$140 impound + $15 Day Storage

$20 After Hours Gate Fee


920 E. Broadway Rd., Phoenix, AZ




Thank you,


Marisol Miller Ed.D.

Tour de Fat heads back to Tempe Town Lake October 6

Ft. Collins, CO, September 14, 2012 – Hold on tight, Tempe, we’re headed back for another round! New Belgium Brewing’s cycling circus, Tour de Fat, is coming back to town for one day on Saturday, October 6 at Tempe Town Lake. Tour de Fat rookies and veterans alike are encouraged to grab a bike and join us for a whimsical day of entertainment and two-wheeled revelry, all while raising money for Mountain Bike Association of Arizona, Tempe Bicycle Action Group and Bike Saviours.


For those who haven’t experienced Tour de Fat, it is a thrilling rite of passage that includes an unparalleled costumed bicycle parade, New Belgium beer, eccentric entertainment, local food, unusual bike contests and much more.

The free event, which raises money for local nonprofits through beer and merchandise purchases, has exceeded the $2 million mark for total funds raised since its inception 13 years ago. Last year’s Tempe Tour de Fat festival raised approximately $70,000 and had about 11,000 attendees.


The pinnacle of Tour de Fat is the ceremonious car-for-bike swap. In each of the 15 cities, one person will become the center of the show as he or she gets up on stage, hands over their car keys, and pledges to live one year car-free. Tour de Fat is now seeking volunteers in the Tempe area to accept the swapper challenge. Each car-for-bike swapper will choose a local bike shop to help turn a $2,250 budget into an ultimate car-replacement commuter bike. Vehicles for Charity will auction the cars, with proceeds benefitting local cycling organizations.


To submit a swapper application, go to the New Belgium Tour de Fat Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TourDeFat), click on events and your city of choice, and upload a video. Applicants may also submit letters about why New Belgium should select them by emailing: trademycarforabike@newbelgium.com.


“As if riding in the most colorful bike parade known to mankind isn’t enough, our entertainment this year will make your heads pop off like dandelions,” said Matt Kowal, Tour De Fat Impresario. “So put together a snazzy costume, hop on your bike and enjoy a day in the park. You won’t be disappointed!”

Saturday, October 6
Parade Registration:
9:00 a.m.


Ride Times:
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Tempe Town Lake
Mountain Bike Association of Arizona – http://www.mbaa.net

Tempe Bicycle Action Group – http://www.biketempe.org

Bike Saviours – http://www.bikesaviours.org


Sustainability Support By:

Arizona State University, School of Sustainability – http://schoolofsustainability.asu.edu
Performances By:

Devotchka – http://devotchka.net

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – http://hesmybrothershesmysister.com/

Yo-Yo People – http://www.yoyoshow.com

Sssnakenstein – http://www.snakenstein.com



Admission – Free

Parade – Suggested donation of $5 or more
Beer – $5 for a 16 oz. pour


A few tidbits about Tour de Fat:


  • Start sewing, collecting and dreaming up something to wear as Tour de Fat encourages embracing your inner costume-loving self. Come dressed up to help put on the most colorful, respectful and creative bike parade ever witnessed.
  • Tour de Fat seeks to leave as small an environmental imprint as possible and composts and recycles waste. Bring only what you need and watch for proper receptacles. We’ll do the rest!
  • All performers grab your attention from alternatively empowered stages decked out in recycled materials; trucks and transport use biofuel sourced from recycled waste oils; and all vendors operate off the grid.
  • This is a pro-bike celebration, not an anti-car rally. Non-cyclists are more than welcome to join the festivities.

In 2011, Tour de Fat traveled to 13 cities, attracting a total of 69,550 festival attendees and 41,150 parade cyclists.  It also raised $401,563 and boasted an impressive 90 percent diversion of waste from landfills.


See https://www.facebook.com/TourDeFat for the Tour de Fat credo, schedules, videos and to submit your entry to swap your gas guzzler for a fancy new bike.


About New Belgium Brewing Company
New Belgium Brewing Company, makers of Fat Tire Amber Ale and a host of Belgian-inspired beers, began operations in a tiny Fort Collins basement in 1991. Today, the third largest craft brewer in the U.S., New Belgium produces nine year-round beers; Fat Tire Amber Ale, Ranger IPA, Belgo IPA, Sunshine Wheat, Shift Pale Lager, Blue Paddle Pilsner, 1554 Black Ale, Abbey and Trippel, as well as a host of seasonal releases.  In addition to producing world-class beers, New Belgium takes pride in being a responsible corporate role model with progressive programs such as employee ownership, open book management and a commitment to environmental stewardship.  For more information, visit www.newbelgium.com.


Tempe’s July 4th Festival tickets on sale Friday, June 1

Arizona’s largest fireworks show to light up the sky over Tempe Town Lake

 TEMPE, Ariz. – Tempe will once again celebrate Independence Day in grand fashion this year by hosting the largest fireworks display in Arizona. Tickets go on sale Friday, June 1st.

 The 61st annual CBS 5 July 4th Tempe Town Lake Festival, produced by the Kiwanis Club of Tempe, will take place on Wednesday, July 4, at Tempe Beach Park. Gates open at 5 p.m. All ages can celebrate the holiday with live local entertainment, a splash zone, kid’s activities and games, rock climbing walls and face painters. The 35-minute fireworks show will be launched from the Mill Avenue Bridge and choreographed to patriotic and classical music. The 61st annual fireworks spectacular begins at dusk. Net proceeds will benefit the Kiwanis Club of Tempe Children’s Charities.

Children 12 and younger and current military with military ID card receive free general admission. Tickets can now be purchased at the following locations:

  • City of Tempe offices: Advance general admission tickets are available for $5 until July 3.
  • Fry’s and Fry’s Marketplace stores: Advance general admission tickets are available for $6 at all Valley Fry’s stores.
  • www.Tempe4th.com: Advance general admission tickets are $6 each, plus applicable service charge.
  • VIP Garden tickets: Available in advance, $60 for adults and $30 for kids 12 and under, plus applicable service charges. VIP Garden includes a full dinner buffet from Sally’s BBQ in a misted seated pavilion.
  • Day-of at Gate: Adult tickets are $8 each or two for $15. Tickets will be sold at the gate until park reaches capacity. Pre-sale tickets will be honored all night.

Visit www.Tempe4th.com for more information on ticket locations and the festivities

Loco Patron signs lease at Tempe Gateway Building

Mexican Restaurant and Cantina to Open New Location at Tempe Gateway Building


TEMPE, ARIZ – May 10, 2012 Vulcan Real Estate today announced that Loco Patron, the popular Mexican restaurant with locations in Scottsdale and Ahwatukee, Ariz., will open a new restaurant in the Tempe Gateway building in the Mill Avenue District of Tempe. Loco Patron has leased nearly 5,000 square feet of space on the ground floor of the Tempe Gateway building, and the owners plan to open in early fall 2012.


Loco Patron will take over an ideal southeast-facing location in the eight-story, 260,000-square-foot Tempe Gateway building at the corner of Third and Mill, adjacent to the Tempe Light Rail stop. The restaurant will feature a sports bar as well as a patio bar where customers will be able to enjoy Loco Patron’s award-winning cocktails and Mexican fare.


“Loco Patron has established an excellent reputation as one of the region’s favorite restaurants and we’re very excited to welcome them to their newest location at Tempe Gateway,” said Robert S. Arron, senior director of real estate marketing and leasing at Vulcan Inc.


“We’re looking forward to serving all of the tenants in Tempe Gateway, as well as everyone who works or lives nearby,” said Josh Levine, co-owner of Loco Patron. “We’ve gained a strong following because of our fun and relaxed environment along with our dedication to using fresh ingredients in all of our menu items and drinks and we expect we’ll have great appeal to the Tempe community.” Since opening its first location in 2005 Loco Patron has been awarded best patio bar, best bartender, and best margarita by The Arizona Republic. The restaurant also took top honors for best pork taco at the 2011 Arizona Taco Festival, where they competed against nearly 100 other taco booths.


Loco Patron will join current commercial Tempe Gateway tenants Limelight Networks, Parsons and Waste Management, who occupy a combined 100,000 square feet, along with Allstate Insurance, whose new offices will account for another 66,000 square feet at Tempe Gateway. Trisports.com, a longtime retailer of triathlon, swimming, biking, and running gear, has also leased space at Tempe Gateway for its newest retail location, and will open its doors in June, 2012. Vulcan is in discussions with several other prospective tenants to lease the remaining office and retail space currently available in the building.


Jon Cowen and Summer Davis of Cushman Wakefield represented Vulcan Real Estate in the lease transaction, and Judi Butterworth of Velocity Retail Group represented Loco Patron.



About Vulcan Real Estate

Vulcan Real Estate directs all real estate activities for Vulcan Inc., a Paul G. Allen company. The company’s team of real estate professionals offers a full range of development services from site selection to build-to-suit construction. Its real estate model is based on quality, sustainable development that builds new value across the entire community. To date, Vulcan has delivered nearly 4.3 million square feet in 21 new office, biotech, residential and mixed-use projects in South Lake Union. The company has approximately 500,000 square feet of commercial space and 466 apartment units currently under construction and planned for delivery in 2013. In addition Vulcan has another 580,000 square feet in pre-development planning. For more information, visit www.vulcanrealestate.com.