Recognizing Achievement, Access and Ability

Tempe Community Council and the City of Tempe is currently accepting nominations for the 25th Annual Tempe Mayor’s Disability Awards. Forms are available online at or via request by calling (480)858-2300.  Submissions must be submitted or postmarked by Friday, March 22, 2013 at 4:00PM to Tempe Community Council. Mail: 34 E. 7th Street, Building A. Tempe, AZ 85281 Fax: 480-858.2319 or Email:

Since 1988, the City of Tempe and Tempe Community Council have collaborated together to highlight the accomplishments of people with disabilities as well as spotlight individuals, businesses and organizations that promote the advancement and equal opportunity of the disability sector. The hope is that this annual event will inspire others to emulate the honorees and provide a fully accessible Tempe for everyone.

Award nominations in each category are open to qualifying individuals/organizations:

Outstanding Workbridge Student Employee – Recognizes a Tempe Union High School District (TUHSD) graduating senior in the Workbridge program who has demonstrated excellent dedication and performance as a student, employee or volunteer. Each year 10-12 recipients are selected in this category.  Nominations must come from a TUHSD school administrator, teacher, or staff member with two additional recommendations from an employer and/or community partner.

Workbridge Employer of the Year – Recognizes a business/organization that employs a TUHSD Workbridge student(s) and has a business location in Tempe.  Nominations must come from a TUHSD teacher or staff member.

Youth Ability Award – Recognizes a young person with a disability, aged 12-18, who has overcome challenges and/or helped advance the rights of individuals with a disability.

Adult Ability Award – Recognizes an adult with a disability, aged 18+, who has overcome challenges and/or helped advance the rights of individuals with a disability.

Exceptional Educator of the Year – Recognizes a teacher, school staff or support person who has provided exceptional education and support opportunities to individual(s) with a disability.

Emerging Leader Award – Recognizes an individual, aged 14-30, who is an emerging leader in this community by raising awareness and/or improving outcomes for people with a disability.

Business Leadership Award – Recognizes a corporation/business that has improved access for disabled customers/employees/visitors and/or created increased employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Accessibility Award – Recognizes a constituency, architect, developer, builder, planner, group or City department that has removed barriers and created full access to public/private buildings, outdoor space, thoroughfares, etc., for the full inclusion of individuals with a disability and/or made life easier through accessible transportation options.

Valued Community Service – Recognizes an individual or organization that has made a significant contribution by providing and/or improving personal and community support for individuals with a disability; including, but not limited to, providing independence through more choice, information and control, advocacy efforts, or improving the social participation of all people.

Pride of the City – Recognizes an individual, group or organization who has demonstrated a lifetime of commitment to those with disabilities and helped advance the full inclusion of all people in our community.


  • All nominees must work, live and/or impact people in Tempe.
  • All nominations must have current and accurate contact information for both nominee and nominator with a complete description of the full scope of activities, breadth of influence or achievement.
  • Nominations are reviewed by an independent committee based on written submissions, community impact, and scored using a rubric and point system.

About Tempe Community Council

Tempe Community Council (TCC) is a community-based nonprofit with a 40-year history of encouraging resident interaction and commitment to human services in Tempe. TCC brings our community together – including government, nonprofits, faith groups and residents – to provide support to Tempeans in need, to plan for present and future needs, and to build a lasting foundation for future generations.

About the Commission on Disability Concerns

The mission of the Commission on Disability Concerns is to advocate disability issue awareness, equal access and full community integration and to seek resolution of the concerns of people with disabilities for the benefit of all the people of Tempe. Commission meetings are held the 1st Thursday of the month at the Tempe Public Library.  Meetings begin at 6:30pm in the 2nd floor boardroom and are open to the public.

Letter to candidate for Tempe Mayor – Mark Mitchell

Dear Mark,

As a voter in Tempe, I am concerned about the following issue. I don’t know whether you are aware of it, but a couple of years ago, the City of Tempe, under the auspices of its “diversity” program put on several events which promoted the religion of Islam. Tempe sponsored a lecture, which I attended, in Tempe City Hall by a representative of the Islamic Speakers Bureau; and all this woman did was to tell us sweet lies about how wonderful Islam is, how Moslem women got the vote centuries before American women did, and other such rubbish. Two years ago, I believe, Tempe sponsored an exhibit on Islam and our Moslem neighbors including an exhibit of the Koran. Again, this was only a whitewash of Islam and the Koran designed to promote the goodness of Islam in the minds of ignorant non-Moslems.

The City of Tempe has absolutely no business promoting religion of any kind, let alone one that preaches violent religious bigotry, the legal subordination of women and extreme homophobia. Moslems are NOT an ethnic group or a race. They are adherents of the religion of Islam. They should not be part of any program on cultural diversity — any more than Baptists or Mormons. If and when you are elected mayor, I hope you will see to it that nothing like this ever happens again. You will need to keep close watch over those “human relations” commissions and “diversity” programs.

Sincerely yours,

Carl Goldberg