Tempe Diablos Contribute – Ron Pies

By: Ron Pies

Most Tempeans are aware of the Tempe Diablos and one or more of their activities.  Few know the depth of the contributions that they make on an annual basis in the form of charitable donations, scholarships or recognition for outstanding students and citizens.  Rather than listing all that they do for our community you might want to take a few minutes to visit their website at http://www.tempediablos.org/.

I have worked with this group of outstanding Tempeans since I moved back to Tempe in 1969.

Another bonus that I have found is the resources of their membership.  Whether you are interested in mortgages or fine dining, sports bars or a great doctor, you can count on getting the best services from the members.

So, the next time that you hear of the Diablos, think positive.  They aren’t really the devil.

Save the date for Casino Capers 2012

By:  Pen Johnson

All aboard!  We’re heading around the world and you don’t even have to leave


Time to purchase your tickets for the Tempe Diablos Casino Capers 2012.  You’ll

enjoy a wonderful evening, but honestly, the best part is while you’re having

fun you’ll also be helping to improve education around our community.

Attached is a Save the Date Card for our next Capers to be held April 14, 2012.

This will be another great affair and the theme is “Around the World” featuring

foods and flavors from Italy, Spain, India and China.

The Tempe Diablos’ focus is on youth, Tempe and education.  Proceeds from Capers goes to help support academic excellence and the educational needs of our children.

If you book your ticket now online, the price is only $80 per person.  Please note, if you wait to purchase after January 15, 2012, tickets will be $100 per person.

The attached card has a link “Buy Tickets Online Here.”  It will take you

directly to the registration site to purchase the tickets at the “Early Bird

Special” rate of $80 per person.  This is the important part…in the box labeled

“Referred By,” please write in my name as I will receive credit for your

purchase.  Thank you.

Come enjoy a great adventure!  We look forward to seeing you at the 2012 Casino

Capers – Around the World!

Tempe Diablos


The Tempe Diablos began their service to the city of Tempe in 1968. Our civic-minded members devote their time and energy to promoting, organizing and supporting community-based programs. Our focus is on Youth, Tempe and Education.



The Tempe Diablos mission is to enhance the community of Tempe, Arizona. This is accomplished by providing leadership and resources that create worthwhile opportunities, especially for our youth.

The commitment of the Diablos is to focus their efforts toward projects that make a significant contribution to the community while allowing for enjoyable experiences for the members.


  • Total commitment by the members who are dedicated to the success of our mission.
  • Strong integrity is demonstrated by honoring agreements and promises.
  • Leadership for Tempe is provided to improve the welfare of the community and its citizens.
  • Esprit de Corps is evidenced by the closeness of the members and their families.
  • Positive relationships are maintained by treating all with honesty, trust, and respect.
more information at  www.tempediablos.com