Monti – Forman To Speak At Tempe Business Forum

Tempe Business Owners Supporting Monti

Tempe Mayoral Candidate Michael Monti and Tempe City Council Candidate Dick Foreman will be discussing the future of Tempe from a business owner’s perspective at the Tempe Business Forum on Tuesday, March 6th.

As Tempe residents and business owners, we know that being different is not enough. We need people who are willing to work hard to bring our community together and to continue moving forward as we face tough economic decisions. Tempe needs solid leadership and strong business skills, and Tempe needs all of us to be a part of the process.

Michael Monti and Dick Foreman are known leaders in the community and would like to share their ideas with citizens, community leaders and business owners. Endorsements for Monti and Foreman have come from many residents, business leaders, current and past politicians and from the Tempe Chamber of Commerce.

As a business man, Michael Monti has employed hundreds of people and has been a very active participant in the community. Michael is also the co-founder of Local First! Arizona and is the clear leader among this year’s mayoral candidates.

In the city council race, Dick Foreman’s credentials and experience are more than impressive. Another community leader and consensus builder, he will impress you with his extensive qualifications.

Dick has been a tireless advocate for Tempe schools, businesses and the taxpayer. – Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman

Please join hosts and long time Tempe business owners Nick Bastian and Beth Roth as they bring Mr. Monti and Mr. Foreman to the Tempe Business Forum for a meet and greet with the candidates.

Potential topics of discussion will be: Economic development, improving our neighborhoods, transportation issues, the future of Tempe, and much more.

What: Tempe Business Forum

When: Tuesday, March 6th

What Time: 5 PM – 6:30 PM

Where: 1400 E. Southern Ave. Tempe AZ 85282

Who: Tempe residents and business owners

City Council & Mayoral Candidate Forum – Tempe Arts & Culture

On Wednesday January 11th,2012 the Tempe Candidates for Mayor and City Council participated in a forum to discuss the future of the arts in Tempe.   Candidates were asked five questions regarding the arts and were also given time to discuss their general thoughts on why they are running for office and how they believe the arts is an integral part of the Tempe community.   The questions are as follows and the answers can be seen and heard by following the links below.

1.  Please tell us about your self your personal involvement in the arts throughout your life and what value the arts hold for you individually and what your personal philanthropy in the arts involves?

2. Please describe how arts and culture offerings contribute to the City of Tempe’s economic development strategy and under your leadership what level of attention will the arts receive as part of  your agenda?

3. The Tempe Center for The Arts (TCA) represents the largest investments of the arts in Tempe representing approximately 70million in capital  cost and two million  in annual operating in cost.  Our the citizens of Tempe  getting the best return on their investment and how would you improve the public investment and leverage private investment as well and what is your vision for the TCA?

Part 2:  When the  dedicated sales tax for the arts which passed in 2000 expires in 2020 (when you may be on your second term)  what leadership would you bring in the next few years to determine the fiscal future of the TCA?

4.  In 1988 the percent of the arts ordinance was passed which allocated 1% of  capital projects must be set aside to fund public arts projects and grants. In recent years with  the downturn of the economy   these funds set aside have been limited to funds supported by water funds only do you support reinstatement of these funds?

5. What are we as the City of Tempe not doing in the arts and culture arena that you would like to see?

Tempe Mayor Candidates Forum on Arts & Culture Link

Tempe City Council Candidates Forum on Arts & Culture Link