Tempe Police Arrest Serial Burglars

On 08/11/2014 Tempe Police arrested 18 year old Chris Vega (DOB: 05/07/1996) and 18 year old Noah Cobbs (DOB: 06/30/1996) for multiple counts of residential burglary, attempted burglary, trafficking Stolen Property, and Trespass. This concluded an in depth investigation that began four weeks ago when patrol officers started seeing a burglary trend of second story apartments.


During interviews both suspects they admitted to details of specific burglaries they had committed and details of the apartments they burglarized. Some of the details included the residents they ran into while in these apartments, one sleeping, one showering and one walking through the apartment who then confronted them, causing them to flee.


Both suspects admitted they would target only those apartments that were found to be unsecure and easily accessed.


Investigation also led officer to 18 year old Nathaniel Goudeau (DOB:10/03/1995) who assisted in getting rid of the stolen property. Goudeau was arrested for Trafficking in Stolen Property and Possession of Stolen Property.


This continues to be an ongoing investigation and anybody with more information is asked to contact the Tempe Police Department.

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