No Matter How You Voted, We are One Tempe


May 17, 2012


Julie Lind-monti4mayor


No Matter How You Voted, We are One Tempe

(Tempe, Arizona)    Businessman Michael Monti thanks all of his supporters and those who voted for him. While it was a close race, the voters have spoken and the close vote will not be contested.

Monti said, “There is a time for campaigning and a time for governing. For the good of Tempe, it is time to get behind Mayor-Elect Mitchell. I sincerely appreciate everyone who worked on my campaign and those who supported my innovative agenda. I urge those people now to rally behind our new Mayor.   Tempe must now move forward as we thank Mayor Hallman for his service and dedication, and as we usher in Mayor-Elect Mitchell. Good luck and wishes to him, and our community.”





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