Michael Monti: I Am Grateful For Your Consideration

My Fellow Tempean:

May 15th, Election Day, is almost here. Soon we will know who will replace Mayor Hugh Hallman. I respectfully ask for your vote. I have done my very best to put forward innovative plans to help create jobs, protect our community, aid our seniors, re-open pools and parks and do the many things to enhance YOUR quality of life.  You can learn more at www.monti4mayor.com or call me directly at 480-313-8534 to discuss them.

I am ready to lead, and have released a pro-active plan for my first 100 days in office, should I be fortunate enough to be elected. You can read it here. Or you can watch my video here.

Mayor Hallman has endorsed my business experience and ideas to carry on his outstanding stewardship of Tempe, with our bold new ideas. So has former Tempe City Councilwoman Linda Spears who ran for Mayor earlier this year. She has since graciously endorsed our campaign and will be a key voice I will rely upon, if elected.

While there are many differences between my opponent and me there are two I would like to highlight.

First, half of Tempe’s housing stock is apartments. Some 20,000 units. My opponent keeps approving more and more. I think we need to be much more cautious approving more apartments. I have proposed having the police department evaluate apartment projects in the approval process and monitor any approved projects to make sure safety is preserved for the tenants and surrounding neighborhoods.  If not done right more apartments will harm neighborhoods and jeopardize public safety.

Secondly, it is no secret that I have taken issue with my opponent’s cavalier use of public dollars, even traveling lavishly while he was voting to raise taxes and close public pools, reducing code enforcement and other services.  I disagree with my opponent’s call to now commit millions to a Mill Avenue area convention center to compete with the one in Phoenix. We have greater priorities. And contrary to my opponent’s claims, my opposition has nothing to do with my restaurant or property. I have never planned to build a conference center.

In fact, Mitchell’s plan would likely benefit my business but I still believe it’s a bad deal for the taxpayers.

Call me directly to discuss these or any matters prior to Election DayMay 15th. My number is 480-313-8534. Thank you for your consideration and everything you do to make Tempe such a terrific community.

In Service,

Michael Monti
Owner, Montis La Casa Vieja Restaurant
Arizona Restaurant Hall of Fame Inductee
Candidate for Mayor
Proud Husband and Father


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