Email exchange between Mayoral Candidate Mark Mitchell & Anonymous writers in regards to alleged abuse

The emails below are an exchange between “Anonymous” and Mayoral Candidate Mark Mitchell on April 12,2012 and April 13,2012 respectfully.  Another email regarding the same topic was sent on May 5th,2012.   The exchange takes place after a meeting between the suspected victim and Mitchell on April 5th,2012 and a meeting with Phoenix Police Detectives detectives five days later.   It has been reported by a Phoenix Police source that the exchange between the alleged victim and Mitchell was recorded and that the tapes are to be released soon.  It has further been alleged that Mitchell denied knowing the alleged victim when interviewed by Phoenix Police around April 10th 2012.

When asked about the allegation from the Mitchell campaign that “The allegations in the Phoenix police report involving me are false, vile, and clearly politically motivated.”  Candidate Michael Monti responded that “I do not have the power to do that”  and pointed out that there was also an alleged victim in this case.  Monti also said that he received an “anonymous letter” on Monday April 9,2012. regarding the allegations, however did not do anything with the information and will be releasing a statement later today.

From: Anonymous  April 12,2012

Street Address:



“Councilman Mark Mitchell. It’s being reported that you are currently being investigated criminally for child molestation and possibly rape that allegedly happened years ago. Your father Congressman Harry Mitchell was Tempe’s Mayor at the time, and covered it up. Is this true ? Are you currently  under criminal investigation ? Tempe residents deserve to know the truth, BEFORE the Mayoral election.”

Subject: RE: Council Communicator Message From Anonymous

Response April 13,2012

“Hi all,

It’s apparent that there is no longer any issue that is too low or too unsubstantiated for Tempe politics.  Needless to say this is outrageous.  I’ve been in public service for 12 years and my father for close to 40 years.  Given the timing, I’m a confident you can see this for what it is.  As you could imagine, I don’t want to dignify these accusations by responding and hope you will respect that.



“From: []
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2012 3:52 PM
To: Hallman, Hugh; Woods, Corey; Arredondo-Savage, Robin; Ellis, Shana; Meyer, Charlie; Shekerjian, Onnie; Navarro, Joel
Subject: Mitchell Hires Private Investigator


Mayor and Council,

Today’s article in the Arizona Republic criticizes both Mitchell and Monti for bad politics. Speaking of bad politics, it is rumored that Mark Mitchell  is potentially in serious legal trouble and has hired a high dollar criminal defense  attorney. Is it considered “bad politics” when Mark Mitchell hires a Private Investigator to do a “Public Records Request” for e-mails,  letters, and  recordings on for his own City manager, Mayor, Police Chief and Councilperson Ellis? Is this an attempt to harass these City Staff members and elected officials, or to quiet them?  It’s quite obvious, Mitchell in serious trouble. But to hire a Private Investigator to look for records for high ranking public officials is a little over the top! As a Tempe resident, we desreve to know the truth about the following two questions!

Two Simple questions for you Councilman Mark Mitchell.

#1: Are you currently being investigated for an alleged serious crime, allegedly a sex crime. Yes or No?

#2. Do you have any anything to do, directly or indirectly with a public records request that was recently filed asking for communications for Tempe’s Mayor, City Manager, Police Chief and Shana Ellis? Yes or NO?

CC: TV 5, TV 3. Fox 10, News 12, AZ  Republic, Tribune”


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  1. The huge problem I have isnt the ‘anonymous’ emails. It is the fact that he LIED to the police. Why would we want somone on the Council or in the Mayor’s office that lies about somehting that may not have been a big deal until the lie?

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