Mill Avenue homeless question to the candidates for Tempe Mayor & City Council

“Because the let’s every homeless criminal lay on mill ave and do drugs and steal from the patios of the restaurants and beg for money that’s why Tempe is going to disappear and ASU that was once the fun school will vanish!!!!  What is your proposed solution?”

Von Meyer
Blondies Sports Bar – Owner

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  1. I disagree with the basic statement that all homeless people are criminals. I’ve spoken with many of the homeless on Mill Avenue over the years. Some are homeless because of mental health issues. Some are homeless because it is better than the home life they left. It is a complicated issue and each individual is different. The aren’t just homeless people, these are people.

    That said, there is no question that the homeless on Mill Avenue cause issues for the business owners and have the potential to drive patrons away from the area. Historically, Tempe has tried a few things. In fact, I remember years ago their was a rule about sitting on the planters, or just sitting around in general. In San Francisco they have laws regarding the manner with which homeless people can ask for money. There are, however, balancing issues regarding freedom of speech, freedom of assembly/association, and the use of public space.

    The best solution I have heard thus far is to have paid, private officers, simply stand near the homeless. It doesn’t seem to take long for the group to get the idea, and move along. There may be other solutions as well, and I would be interested to hear and review them. This isn’t a problem that started overnight, and it will take a sustained effort to control it.

  2. crystal butler says:

    I most certainly agree! I was once homless in arizona and yes i did spend quite alot of time on mill ave! But just because i was homless doesnt mean i was a theif, drug dealer, or in general a bad person! I had my struggles getting my life together but eventually did! Anyways if there is a problem with homless being on mill ave…..then the cops should take action and arrest those who are posing a thret to patrons! Eventually everyone will get the hint! And also if a bisness owner oposses with homless infront or along side their shop then simply tell them to move along down the street! Im most certain they will!

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