Convention Center question to the candidates for Tempe Mayor & City Council

“Why can’t the city of Tempe seem to get a  convention center. Yes they’re expensive to build & maintain.  However, if we’re ever going to be known as a destination/meeting or convention city, we must have a place large enough to accommodate larger groups.

As it stands now, only the larger hotels with abundant meeting space absorb all that business.  

If we had a convention center, we could book larger groups, thus filling more hotel rooms, renting more cars, serving more food and buying more retail.  Not to mention the ancillary week end business such as car shows, garden, boat, and RV shows

Meeting space is landlocked just as the city is landlocked.”

Pat Thielen- Warren General Manager TwinPalms Hotel

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  1. My starting point is always this, the market is a better picker of winners and losers than government. While I, like you, would very much like to see Tempe have a larger convention center, I do not think it is directly the role of Tempe Council Member to dictate to the business community what they need, and what they can make money on. I believe in the market.

    That said, I do hope the market understands the value and profits that a convention center in Tempe would have. We have first class amenities, access along a light rail to the airport, and plenty of hotel space. We have great shopping on Mill Avenue, and a destination feel. Tempe would be a fine location, in my opinion, for this type of facility.

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